How to reset password on Natsav portal?

Here are the simple basic steps are given below on how to reset the password on Natsav portal.


Step-1: write down the on your devices search bar and click on search button.


Step-2: After login our official website page will appear on the devises screen.


Step-3: Then click on login button on the right hand side on the website.


Step-4: Entered the registered email id on email address section.

Step-5: Click on forgot password button.

Step-6: Enter your email address below to begin the reset process. And click on submit button


Step-7: After submitting validation email sent on your register email id.


Step-8: Go to your mail inbox. And click on link


Step-9: Enter the new password for reset your password.


Step-10: Click on save changes button.


After following these simple steps on the natsav portal you have successfully reset your account password.

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