How to Add an Add-on Domain in cPanel:

Overview:  Multiple domains can be controlled from a single account using add-on domains. An add-on domain connects a new domain name to a directory in your account, where it subsequently keeps its file.


Here is the some basic steps to create add-on domain in cPanel just follow these steps.


Step-1: Login to cPanel with username and password.


Step-2: Simply scroll down and out of the domains section once you've logged into your cPanel account.


Step-3: after that click on Add-on domains option under the domains section.


Step-4: When you select Add-on domain, a new interface will appear on your screen, After that, you'll need to fill out the add-on domain's information.




Step-5: Simply type down the new domain name you want to add to your cPanel account.


Step-6: When you add a new domain to your account, cPanel will automatically generate a subdomain for you.


Step-7: Select the document root, which is the location in which this website's files will be stored. /home/username/new domain is the default directory for new domains.


Step-8: Then check mark on create an FTP account associated with this Add-on Domain


Step-9: After that generate the password and write down the password in password section, again retype the password which you entered in password section.


Step-10: Once you are finished filling in the details, click on the “Add Domain” button.

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